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Give God a Second Chance

Every Sunday afternoon, I go over to the Beloved Community Church building, unload my boxes of church from my car, and begin the process of setting up for the next meeting of the Magic City Spiritual Community. It’s a stark contrast to my time at Unity of Birmingham – there’s no Sunday school meeting or band rehearsing. I open the door and race to the burglar alarm to make sure I don’t set it off by accident. The morning church normally doesn’t set it when they leave, knowing

Honey Mustard Mistakes

As the hostile social butterfly (moth?) I am, I’m part of a few antisocial mom groups on Facebook. Recently, one of the posted games in my favorite group suggested that we should each pick our celebrity name by combining our favorite salad dressing with the thing about us that has most disappointed our parents. So, hello, friends – my name is Honey Mustard Divorce. I was raised Mormon, and growing up my mom told me fairly regularly that divorce was never an option. “Murder, o

How to Fail at Meditation

This is how I wish I mediated. I wish that I stretched peacefully, contentedly into the morning light, feeling serene after a night of peaceful sleep. I wish that as I lit the candle on my little shrine, that candle that helps me focus my thoughts, and smelled the essential oil as it began to heat, I felt a sense of connectedness and wellness suffuse my being. In this imaginary land, as I gazed at the candle and deepened my breathing, I would know that I was a beautiful, ess

A Mid-Week Prayer

“This being human is a guest house,” the poet Rumi writes. “Every morning is a new arrival.” Whatever guest arrives today, my prayer for you is that it will enrich your soul. Last week, my husband and I had the privilege of spending a week at the Kanuga retreat with other Unity members and ministers. As we spoke truth into each other’s hearts and shared one another’s joys and sorrows, I felt my own spirit renewed. I felt burdens drop from my shoulders as they were shared with

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