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How to Fail at Meditation

This is how I wish I mediated. I wish that I stretched peacefully, contentedly into the morning light, feeling serene after a night of peaceful sleep. I wish that as I lit the candle on my little shrine, that candle that helps me focus my thoughts, and smelled the essential oil as it began to heat, I felt a sense of connectedness and wellness suffuse my being. In this imaginary land, as I gazed at the candle and deepened my breathing, I would know that I was a beautiful, ess

Meditated or Incarcerated?

Paul Manafort was a man who seemed to have everything: money, political position, power, and influence. These are the things that we usually equate with happiness and security, things that we spend our whole lives trying to achieve. But as we collectively heard a jury find him guilty on 8 felony counts that reflected the willingness to be dishonest to strive for even more money, power, and influence than he had, it raises the compelling question: why? Why wasn’t what he had e

In The Cave

Dear One, know that if you have at times been turned back by the darkness within, that you are not alone, and that the light is the truth of who you are. This past week, I have been focusing on the practice of meditation, and in addition to some of the challenges we talk about frequently, like the “monkey mind”, the simple physical ability to sit still, and the issue of finding time in a hectic life, there is another, deeper issue we rarely speak of: the fear of being forced

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