In A Mood

In two days, 20 actors for Bards of Birmingham, ranging in age from 4 to 68, will take the stage under my direction to perform Shakespeare's Henry V. The leading role of King Henry is being played by a high school junior, 17-year-old Sara Bateman. Sara and the rest of the cast learned how to perform Shakespeare convincingly, execute stage combat flawlessly, perform live music, and become enmeshed in their characters. They did all of this in spite of the fact that conventional

Honey Mustard Mistakes

As the hostile social butterfly (moth?) I am, I’m part of a few antisocial mom groups on Facebook. Recently, one of the posted games in my favorite group suggested that we should each pick our celebrity name by combining our favorite salad dressing with the thing about us that has most disappointed our parents. So, hello, friends – my name is Honey Mustard Divorce. I was raised Mormon, and growing up my mom told me fairly regularly that divorce was never an option. “Murder, o