If You're Trying to Live at Peace With Everyone

Then you have already failed. I'm going to repeat this: if you are trying to live at peace with everyone, then you have already failed. Because just by taking that position, you are living in opposition to every single principle I hold dear, and I find your position morally reprehensible. Like, on a personal level. As in, I am being really judgy of you right now. So that's one person with whom you aren't living at peace. You may not care about living at peace with me; I get t

You're Doing It Right Now

Recently, on our Facebook feed, we posted a meme that said, “If you’ve ever wondered what you’d do during slavery, the Holocaust, or Civil Rights movement; you’re doing it right now”. Someone trolling the page commented that we should stay out of politics, and that we are called “Unity, not dis-Unity ”. Unity, defined, is “the state of being in harmony.” But harmony cannot exist side-by-side with war; harmony is not synonymous with “complicit.” The state of being in harmony