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“At the heart of Jesus’ teaching and actions was a vision of a life under the reign of God (or, in the empire of God) in which God’s generosity and goodness is regarded as the model and measure of human life; everyone is accepted as a child of God and thus liberated both from the ethnocentric confines of traditional Judaism and from the secularizing servitude and meagerness of their lives under the rule of the empire of Rome.” 

- The Jesus Seminar

Our Core Beliefs


1. Everyone is accepted and worthy of love.


2. Each person is inherently good, and part of the universal divine.


3. We have the ability to transform our reality through the way we think, meditate, pray, and act.


4. The quest for social justice is an essential component of the expression of love, as demonstrated by Jesus.


5. There are many paths to God, and spiritual community means being willing to join hands and walk each other home. 



We're against it, unless by "dogma" you mean "love of dogs and your ma," in which case, we're for it.




We like him. He was a great teacher, a terrific guy, and a world-class heretic and rabble-rouser. He was a serious social justice warrior, and we strive to follow that example.


Again, we're fans. If everybody took 5 minutes a day to practice some serious mindfulness, we'd have a lot less road-rage and everybody would be way more pleasant to be around.

Rock Balancing
Lesbian Couple with Baby

Social Justice


Social justice is the equal access to wealth, opportunities and privilege within a society. We believe that the spiritual maladies of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of hate-based bias must be addressed not only on an individual level, but on a societal level as well.


The Bible


Being real, here, the Bible has some decent allegorical material, but there are also all these bits about the correct bride price for selling your daughter and not mixing two different kinds of fabric together. We tend to think of the Bible as a valuable historical document, but more helpful spiritually when we interpret it metaphysically (this basically means we read between the lines).

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