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  • Rev. Charles Perry

You Are Not Alone

If I could tell you just one thing today, it is that you are not alone.

No matter what you are feeling, no matter what you are facing, no matter who has left, no matter what they left (or didn’t leave) behind, you are not alone. One of the most dangerous places to be in consciousness is that sense of separation from God, from our family, from our friends, and even from our highest sense of who we are. In Unity, we have a word for that place in consciousness; we call it “Hell”.

Many of us have been to Hell. But the most important thing to remember when we are experiencing Hell is that we don’t have to live there, we don’t have to die there, and we certainly don’t have to spend eternity there. Hell (separation consciousness) is, after all, only an illusion, perpetrated by our ego, fed by our fears (also illusions), and reinforced by the feedback of our sense consciousness (did you realize that in Unity metaphysics, “Satan” is a representation of our sense consciousness?) So what is it that will free us from the bonds of Hell? In a word, Salvation, but perhaps not the way you might think.

In “The Revealing Word”, Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore writes that “The belief that Jesus in an outer way atoned for our sins is not salvation. Salvation is based solely on an inner overcoming, a change in consciousness.” And of overcoming, he says, “The victorious thought of love defeats the thoughts of hate and fear.” And yet, in a way, it is the Christ that is the key to our salvation, for it is that highest and best part of us, the Christ Consciousness, reaching out in love that is the Way, the Truth, and the Light.

And sometimes, our Christ Consciousness needs a jump-start. And just like we use a fresh battery to jump-start a dead one, what we need in those moments is a living example of the Christ Consciousness in action to kick our own into gear - we need another human being. And the only way we are going to get a jump-start is if we reach out and ask for one.

This morning, I spoke with one of my best friends, who also happens to be in recovery. They told me that yesterday, they had been involved in an emotional meltdown, which was followed almost immediately by a craving to go back out into their addiction. But instead of allowing ego and habit to lead them into a Hell of their own making, my friend said, “Not today, (expletive deleted)”, and headed to a 12 Step meeting, where they arrived over an hour early, but found someone to talk to, and then led off a very raw and honest meeting that did everyone there a world of good.

And you don’t have to be in 12 Step to find support (although I recommend it for a variety of dis-eases). Right here at Unity of Birmingham, we have a loving family that will be glad to help jump-start your Christ Consciousness, if you will just give us a call. We have small groups that can literally become extended family. We have Prayer Chaplains that would love nothing more than to pray with you. We have life coaches and energy medicine healers. And then there’s me. I am here for you, as a spiritual jump-start, for spiritual counseling, or simply as a loving, listening ear.

If you are feeling alone, please call our Pastoral Care Coordinator, Rita Thornberry, at 205-490-1144, or email Rita will make sure that you get the jump-start you need, and help us to help you out of the illusion of separation, and back into the awareness of the Truth of Oneness. As my friend pointed out this morning, help is always available, but the first step was up to them.

Reach out; let us help. You are not alone.

In Oneness,

Rev. Charles

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